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Studio Etiquette

We ask that you check in at the front desk when you arrive. Please arrive 10 minutes early prior to your first class. We recommend that you do not eat anything 2 hours before attending class. 

Please take off your shoes in the lobby, prior to entering the studio. We respect the studio as a sacred space and ask that you to do the same. There is a restroom in the back of the studio where you can change. We request that you observe noble silence upon entering the studio so as not to disrupt other students. Please remember to silence your cell phones and other electronics.

When it’s time for class, we do lock the front door. We do this to ensure the safety of your personal items in the lobby and to avoid disrupting the students who are practicing. If you arrive late and you see that the sign is up on the front door, please do not knock.

Parking: There is free street parking available as well as a municipal parking lot across the street behind Camelot Cleaners.


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