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“Great class size and mix of styles and instructors. Perfect atmosphere!” – Latrese T.


“Love everything about the studio. A very welcoming studio with excellent instructors.” – Patricia C.


“Shanti Yoga is my oasis. It’s the place where my mind AND my body heals. Thank you Rebecca for the blessings you’ve added to my life.” – Janice D.


“ The environment at Shanti Yoga is so comfortable and non-judgmental and the teachers are so friendly and supportive. Shanti Yoga is a wonderful place.” – Wendy O.


“I have been to several yoga facilities in the metro Detroit area, and this has become my yoga home of choice. For me, yoga is an opportunity to take care of my body and mind simultaneously. This studio has done so much for my wellbeing since I started attending classes at the beginning of 2013. I have attended the classes of several different teachers, and there seems to be something for everyone. I like the energy of the classes, and people of varying skill levels are in each class. It does not feel intimidating. The regular patrons are really friendly and warm. To me, what distinguishes Shanti Yoga from other facilities is the atmosphere and energy of the space. To me, this studio is about compassion, warmth, mindfulness, and self-acceptance. I don’t quite feel the same energy reverberating through other studios. If you are looking for a place to help you be healthy both inside and out, Shanti Yoga is for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” – Ruth L.


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